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Micah John White


Well, Micah finally arrived May 10. What a whirlwind month it has been. I came into this go-round focusing on savoring the “firsts” as we learned with Avery it goes by fast. While no doubt I have savored it to the greatest degree I could…immersing myself in all things baby has…in military terms been OBE’d (overcome by events). Perhaps I will divulge more at a later date but the short and sweet version is our doctor invoked the words “divine intervention” and “miracle” in our visit this week. Check out the picture …



Well, this is our second attempt at blogging. We intend to use this forum to log thoughts on a variety of subjects ranging from family to current events to fashion and sports.

<Of course, those that know us will no doubt realize there will be a lighthearted flavor as well…

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