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Stay out of the streets!

Long ago…say a score minus fourteen years or so…I lived at Apadana Ct in Coralville. A man named ZiZi built a bunch of townhouses and myself, Luke, and Scott rented one. For whatever reason this Middle/Far eastern (Pakistani?) would say “stay out of the street!” in place of good bye. Almost like he was trying to say “stay out of trouble”. Unfortunately this ill-advised use of the English language now has relevance to our burgeoning family… Last night at the graduation party we visited Avery sprinted at full speed down the downhill driveway and into the street. This girl has no sense of fear. We can consequence her all we want to…but the scary thing is her decision making seems so spontaneous and impulsive…and lessons from Dad or Mom are not at the forefront.

As an aside chasing her down the driveway reminded me of this man and this event:


Lumberjack Tim

Enjoy the carnage. Chain saws have a way of making a man feel like he accomplished something. #whattodowiththelimbs?


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