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Avery quotes

Avery talking to Micah:

“HI MICAH!  HI MICAH!  HI MICAH! HI MICAH!  HI MICAH!” (usually while he is sleeping)

“Hi Big Guy” or “Its okay Big Guy” (when he’s crying)

“Hi Buddy”

“Hi Big Micah” hahahaha.

Other Avery faves:

“I like to moo it moo it” (move it move it)

“I run really fast, Mommy” (after her 1000th trip to water the tree with her quart-sized watering can)

“I wanna get wet, Mommy.” (playing outside when no water is present)

“I kick the wall.  Daddy spank my doodah.” (doopah–spelling?) 

“I play outside the whole day.”

“Mommy sleep in da bed the whole day.”

(something unintelligible)….”right Mommy?”

(in demanding, slavedriver voice) “SHHHOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  (this one doesn’t get her too far)

My personal fave:

“I yuv you Mommy.”


nap time woes

Nap time (when both kiddos are napping) is the time of the day where I actually can get something accomplished around the house.  Avery has always been a great napper, and Micah is doing better at sleeping now…for awhile I thought the kid would never sleep…turns out he was just irritated about his diaper rash.  Can’t say I blame him.   Today, while I am working on getting dinner ready, doing dishes, pumping, laundry, etc., during naptime, the doorbell rings at three separate times during the nap. They were all people wondering if we wanted a new roof (we are already getting one, thanks hail storm Traveler’s Insurance). PEOPLE, don’t you know this is the only time of my day that I get to do things.  I need it to feel sane!  The last one unfortunately woke the Wild Child up.  I guess the dishes can wait…


Well…the publicity is cool, but the facts are incorrect…


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