White noise from The White House

nap time woes

Nap time (when both kiddos are napping) is the time of the day where I actually can get something accomplished around the house.  Avery has always been a great napper, and Micah is doing better at sleeping now…for awhile I thought the kid would never sleep…turns out he was just irritated about his diaper rash.  Can’t say I blame him.   Today, while I am working on getting dinner ready, doing dishes, pumping, laundry, etc., during naptime, the doorbell rings at three separate times during the nap. They were all people wondering if we wanted a new roof (we are already getting one, thanks hail storm Traveler’s Insurance). PEOPLE, don’t you know this is the only time of my day that I get to do things.  I need it to feel sane!  The last one unfortunately woke the Wild Child up.  I guess the dishes can wait…


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