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My Favorite Dad Things

I love putting Avery to sleep and having night time conversations and prayers. She just lists the people she can think of to pray for. She isn’t open to suggestions though…’do you want to pray for Stacey or Katie?’. ‘Nooo…’. You all are in her prayers most nights especially if you are visiting or been seen on Skype 🙂 Nothing is sweeter than saying to her ‘Good night Avery, Daddy loves you’ and hearing back from a wiped out little girl ‘I love you too Daddy.’

Avery’s general state of joy.

Micah’s anger when he pees on himself.

Watching Jaym be a mom…I can see so much of the characteristics that led me to fall in love with her come out…all the more amplified in her care for her little ducklings. The look in Jaymie’s eye when Micah smiles or Avery does or says something sweet is something that makes me profoundly happy.

One on one time with Micah in the wee hours. Especially when he is not eating and taking it all in. We have long talks about what failed the Bulls, why he should not succumb to being a Cubs fan, and how Vanden Berg is going to surprise for the Hawks this fall. In truth, we just stare at each other. I’m trying to mentally record the moment and I think he’s looking at me thinking ‘man I hope I look like Mom.’

So on this Dads day it really is about my kids, who have blessed our life with so much joy and happiness in these short few years. To Avery and Micah…even though you are too young to get me hideous ties or make me handmade cards…I hope to one day ascend to your top spot and earn a WGD hat and mug combo. Or maybe just a job well done Daddy. Can’t think of anything I’d want more than that.



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2 thoughts on “My Favorite Dad Things

  1. jaymiewhite on said:

    you are a great dad!

  2. “I’m sorry, bro, but you peed all over yourself.” 🙂

    Good stuff.

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