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Laughing Our Way Through

As you may or may not know (although I think the only people who read this are family, so you do know), I’ve been in the hospital a few times in the last month since Micah’s been born.  Tim and I tend to have a lighthearted approach toward life in general…we like to laugh at ourselves and at each other.  Its also how we deal with conflict (sometimes inappropriately) or any uncomfortable feelings (also sometime inappropriate), but it generally works for us.   But sometimes it backfires…

So, during our first trip to the ER right before Memorial Day, let me walk you through a scenario and brief conversation.

Scene:  At the ER.  Jaymie is basically bleeding to death.  Jaymie is tense, as she is bleeding to death and no one seems to care.  Jaymie is laying on the ER bed with an IV, bleeding, as doctors talk about whether to send  her home or to a bigger hosptial via ambulance.  Tim, loving husband, is by her side.

Jaymie: basically just taking lots of deep breaths and hoping not to bleed to death before the doctors figure out if she can go home and bleed to death or if they should help her.

Tim: takes Jaymie’s hand and lovingly says, “Let’s just laugh our way through this.”

Jaymie (glaring at the Hubs):  “Yeah, we’re in the ER and I’m bleeding profusely.  This is hilarious.”

This was clearly one of those times Tim was trying to use humor, but it just came out as inappropriate…BOM.  Major.  At least we can laugh about it now. 

ps.  I’m still alive.

pps.  This post *might* be a little overdramatic.


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