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Debt ceiling

Presidential speech on right now. Debt ceiling debate is so aggravating. Why must these parties hold so firmly to their ideologies?

The President does make a compelling argument that Republicans have been protecting those in the top 2% of income. I like how he drew himself into this – bought something from me.

Republicans need to give up on this no tax stance…Democrats need to give on entitlements…This thing is running into the ground.


Pressure to blog

Can’t tell you how many emails I have gotten saying – when’s the next blog? That’s because there haven’t been any.

My absence has been reflective of my lethargy lately. I have been quite worn out and my brain is mush. Life has been reactionary – moving from one thing to the next. Hoping that changes soon…but upcoming Canada trip may complicate matters by condensing required things to do into the time before we leave or shortly after.

Things you learn…

Tonight I learned that vacuum cleaners need belt replacements.

I also learned that baking soda/ vinegar can fix a slow draining drain.

Thanks be to Google.


What an incredible place. The park is wonderful – effectively three parks in one (sequoia groves, meadows, and valley). My favorite spot was Glacier Point and we had some fun times at Tenaya Lake.

Micah was a trooper – he did well on all the flights and in the park. Avery on the other hand had some issues – mostly because she went on hunger strike for a few days and then went into meltdown mode. No more PB&J for her.







I love fireworks.

Last night we returned to Centerville just in time to get out and watch the fireworks. Unfortunately we weren’t able to experience as a family, but Avery and I went out behind the house to take them in while Jaym got Big Micah to go down for the night. As we walked out the door our neighbors lit some pretty heavy duty m-80s that scared my little girl. They then shot some fireworks which were a little close and made quite a commotion. A pretty rude awakening for a 2 yr old in her first fireworks experience. After holding Avery close and encouraging her that this was ‘fun’ and ‘pretty’ she eventually stopped tremoring.

What transpired was maybe my most favorite Dad moment ever. Avery on my shoulders, tickled as can be for the thirty minute display. Literally talking the entire time saying:
“pretty! Right Daddy?”
“where’d the fireworks go Daddy?”
“that’s a big circle!”
“indecipherable…right Daddy?”

And this…
Will insert sound file when I figure out how

Home away from home…

As you are all aware given recent link to YouTube video of a kid rapping the benefits of Princeton, technically my ‘hometown’ is Princeton. I grew up there – attending 4th-HS as well as coming home throughout college. For whatever reason, Princeton never really felt like home. Maybe because we picked up from Dad and Mom that it was temporary locale for our family…a stepping stone of sorts that ended up being a semi-permanent destination begrudgingly? Regardless, although until very recently no one in our family ever officially lived here at the Cottage…it has always been the nucleus of our family, that which we orbit around and gather to. It has always been our home away from home.

This place has been a regular weekend getaway for us in our childhood. Mary and I out in the yard exploring and playing. Dad working on some project. Mom working on landscaping or mowing. Basically in perpetual year round preparation for this coming weekend – the 4th – where impromptu family reunions occur each and every year. I know no better place…at least until they moved the fireworks to Hubbard Park…to watch fireworks. Big people v. little people wiffle ball. Croquet. An annual golf outing composed of the White brothers.

Dad has done an incredible job in the transformation of this place. Although museum like…it archives the history of the place…starting from the Englert clan and through my grandparents lee and Mary chopek…and into our family. Coming here, especially around the 4th, brings a wealth of feelings, a flood of childhood memories, and anticipation for future memories.

I can tell time by the size of the oak I planted there in 3rd grade. Seemingly just five years ago it wasn’t all that big. However years have gone by since that seedling was planted and now it is becoming monstrous. Avery no doubt will not remember the size of that tree that she played with this weekend. But I hope the Cottage continues to perpetually be a place in her and Micahs life for many years to come. And someday they can keep time and years by watching the wonderful place change as decades flip by.

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