White noise from The White House

I love fireworks.

Last night we returned to Centerville just in time to get out and watch the fireworks. Unfortunately we weren’t able to experience as a family, but Avery and I went out behind the house to take them in while Jaym got Big Micah to go down for the night. As we walked out the door our neighbors lit some pretty heavy duty m-80s that scared my little girl. They then shot some fireworks which were a little close and made quite a commotion. A pretty rude awakening for a 2 yr old in her first fireworks experience. After holding Avery close and encouraging her that this was ‘fun’ and ‘pretty’ she eventually stopped tremoring.

What transpired was maybe my most favorite Dad moment ever. Avery on my shoulders, tickled as can be for the thirty minute display. Literally talking the entire time saying:
“pretty! Right Daddy?”
“where’d the fireworks go Daddy?”
“that’s a big circle!”
“indecipherable…right Daddy?”

And this…
Will insert sound file when I figure out how


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