White noise from The White House

Avery and Micah, August 2011

Um, clever title, eh?

So, an update for anyone who has met Micah:  he is awesome.  Somehow, miraculously, he has gotten on a schedule in the past few days.  Can I tell you how happy he is?  He’s super happy and content.  It’s a miracle.  He’s adorable.  He smiles, he coos, he “talks” to the projections on the ceiling before he goes to bed at night.  He is so much fun.  I love him.  Sure, he still has his moments, but he is so much more content than he was about 2 weeks ago.  I want to smooch his cheeks all day.

Before a few days ago, although cute and lovable, he had trouble staying asleep during the day for any length of time.  And due to lack of sleep, apparently, he would turn into an angry raptor baby.  Now, he’s a happy little turtle that wants to look around and be social.  Its stinkin’ cute.

Avery is also doing well.  She doesn’t lack for personality or energy.  Even my mom friends say things like, “yeah, gymnastics would be great for her” and “she’s not naughty, she’s just high energy”.  She plays hard and thankfully sleeps hard too.  It completely amazes me what she says and knows and remembers.  “Yes, Avery, Troy, Ryan and Papa are playing golf this weekend” (after Grandma told her that yesterday), “Yes, Daddy caught a tiny fish in Canada”, “No, Avery, we cannot go to California just so we can ride the school bus, choo choo train and airplane”.  You know, normal stuff like that.  She’s really sweet to Micah, ya know, when she’s not yelling “Hi Big Guy” or “He’s awake” in his year.

She also can recite the whole alphabet, count to 16 and sing lots of songs.  She sings a lot..when we’re riding in the car, she’s been known to bust out “Twinkle, twinkle”, “ToeKnee ChestNut”, or “Jesus Loves Me”, as well as sing along to Taylor Swift and count clouds in the sky.   She also received my hearing/listening ability.  She often says, “Yisten, Mommy.  I hear an airplane/big truck/siren/bee…buzzz.”  And she’s usually right.  Her vocabulary is exploding everyday…it seems like she learns more than I can introduce her to.

Life is good right now.  We have a quiet life but we are enjoying watching the kids grow and learning from them and each other.  Sometimes the days seem long, but time is flying by…just trying to soak in these moments where their personalities are forming and feeling privileged to be the one to see them develop every step of the way.



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