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Monument to Explorers…Pictures and Thoughts

So I went to an area of Lisbon called Belem tonight. Three notable things there:

This statue (Monument to Explorers):


Obviously Portugal had a big role in exploring the new world…and are proud of it.

View from the top:


The thought that struck me here and elsewhere is the Christian themes. If a monument like this was put up in the US in last 5 yrs all sorts of grief would be heard. Seems like the secular in the US are hypersensitive…while in Europe they hardly care.

Tower of Belem was the second:


Finally, a place called Pastries De Belem. I was heading home on the trolley as we drove by…disobeying the front desk guys urging that I must go there (his forceful encouragement made me uncomfortable…was he thinking and indirectly saying I look like a guy that loves his pastries?). Seems like a popular place given that the line went out the door and around the block. No picture of that though.

Going to try to blog my way through Europe…


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