White noise from The White House

I almost lost my child at Target.

And no, it’s not the child you are thinking it is. 

The scene:  Target parking lot, after buying a few essential items…and yes, a pumpkin spice candle is something I consider essential for the fall…thankyouverymuch.  🙂

So there I was, getting ready to put my purchases in the back of the Ody (as in Odyssey…as a sidenote, check this out: www.odyclub.com  ).  And because I’m such a clever mom, I developed a system for getting the kids into the car in the most efficient way.  First, I put the groceries/bags in the back of the Ody.  Then I open the door to where Micah’s seat is and ask Avery very cleverly, “Do you want to climb in yourself, or do you want some help?” to which I know the answer will be “I wanna do it myself.”  See, I’m so clever that I can trick my two-year-old…another win for the parents.  This allows me to put her in on Micah’s side so she will walk over and climb into her own carseat while I put Micah in his carseat.  She’s trapped in the car and usually it works very well. 

Today, however, as I was helping Avery climb into the Ody, what do I see out the still open back door?  Micah rolling away in the cart.  The wind, which apparently was a lot stronger than I noticed, took him on a short spin down the parking lot.  Thankfully, a lady walking by ran over to stop the cart right before I got there.

Maybe I’m not as clever as I thought;)




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