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On purpose.

Since the arrival of Micah, the Hubs and I have struggled to get on a schedule.  Obviously, after the nugget was born, it was difficult…he’s not eating, sleeping, pooping on a schedule and we were pretty much reacting to his needs.  Also, we had a couple of trips to the ER and hospital so we were just kind of surviving…thankfully Grandma took over everything during that time.  Then we traveled…California, Iowa and Iowa in the first 3 months of his life, then another trip in early September while Tim was traveling.  All of that, as well as me not being great at keeping a schedule, made us feel a little rushed and like we can’t get much done. 

So, Tim and I were talking last night about how we feel like we are spinning our wheels a lot…we are going going going but not getting anything done.  We would both like to feel we are doing a good job with our family as well as eating healthy, working out and having a little bit of time for ourselves and family fun, of course.  The only conclusion we have come to is that we need to wake up earlier and at least one of us needs to workout in the am.  Usually, Micah wakes up once in the night (yes, he’s 4.5 months old and I have been Babywising, Baby Whispering, and Happiest Baby on the Blockin’ and nothing has gotten him to sleep all night, mmkay?) and sometimes twice and then wakes up for the day between 6:30 and 7 am.  Usually we hear him, roll over, look at the clock, pray that tomorrow he sleeps all night and get up to get him.  Well, folks, this has to stop.  Who knows when he’ll sleep all night?  He’s a {cute} little baby.  He doesn’t know what’s going on…I need to let it go and we decided to we need to start being grown ups and get out of bed and start the day on purpose regardless of when the Big Boy wakes up. 

So, this morning, at 6:30, both alarms (electronic and human) went off.  I got out of bed and went to get the cute one while Tim turned off the electronic.  I made coffee.  Tim went for a run.  I showered.  Tim got ready for work.  We both felt better and less rushed about our start to the day. 

In an effort to try to be more organized (never a strong suit), I am also going to try to start planning meals for the week and posting them on the blog on Mondays..Meal Planning Monday, if you will.  While I try to do this at the beginning of the week anyways, hopefully it will help to have it written down.  Any easy, healthy recipes?  I would love it if you would send me the recipe or the link to the recipe!  I don’t mind making meals, but I  love new ideas….I get stuck in the same old ruts a lot.

Do you start your day on purpose?



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2 thoughts on “On purpose.

  1. This is something that’s hard without kids, so I imagine(duh) much tougher with 2 littles ones squirming(running at full speed 12 hrs a day) around. “Props” to you guys for doing this.

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