White noise from The White House

My Favorite Four Words

Each night, when I lay Avery down she says the same four words: “Daddy, you lay down?”

It melts my heart. In the past, I have nearly always taken her up on the offer. We had an event the other night that has made me and Jaym reconsider that…which breaks my heart that I can’t do something to appease my sweetheart daughters simple request to delay her bed time for some good ole tickling, singing, and prayers.

As for the event – Avery stood at the top of the steps crying for me the other night. She had peed through her diaper and clothes. While changing her diaper I emphasized to her that if she was scared or needed us that she could come downstairs and get us. She took me up on it about 10 times in the next hour unfortunately. Not good. Ever since, she’s been wandering our house like a tourist during bed time and nap time.

Still, those four words melt my heart…


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