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Micah: 5 Months

The Big Boy is 5 months old today.  I know its cliche, but sometimes it seems like he’s been here all along and in other ways I can’t believe its been 5 whole months.  The days go slow sometimes but the months have been flying by.

At 5 months, he:

  • rolls over
  • smiles
  • coos
  • laughs a lot
  • has 2 teeth
  • is growing out of 9 month clothes and wearing 12 month
  • scoots on his belly (mostly backward)
  • loves his big sis
  • loves being tickled
  • takes 3 naps/day
  • sleeps around 8 hours a night, then wakes up to eat and then sleeps again for another 2-4 hours
  • is starting to like rice cereal a little
  • is more flexible than his big sis was at this age (or maybe I’m more flexible?)
  • is very social
  • smiles at anyone who talks to him
  • nuzzles into my shoulder when he gets tired
  • likes having his bum patted after he’s done eating and before he goes to bed
  • likes singing and humming
  • loves being outside
  • wants to be on the move a lot
  • splashes like a wild man in the bath
  • likes being on the move in the Baby Bjorn (which would be fine if he didn’t weigh 20 lbs!)
  • doesn’t like to be constrained by the carseat unless he is sleeping
  • likes the exersaucer or anything that keeps him busy

Micah, October 2011

Isn’t he a handsome little fella?  We love you, Big Guy.


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One thought on “Micah: 5 Months

  1. We’ll have to Skype soon so we can see glimpses of his progress! Sounds like Big Guy has found his comfort zone. 🙂

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