White noise from The White House

Just funny.

Last night, Avery and I were reading some books before bedtime.  Without fail, she always picks out the books that take the longest to go through to read at that time.  She also starts acting really busy around bedtime, playing with toys she hasn’t touched all day, etc.  Anyways, as we were looking through the book, she points to this picture and says, “There’s Mommy” :

Middle-aged frumpy woman Avery thinks I look like

That had me feeling pretty sad…that my child thinks of me as a frumpy old woman, until I asked Avery which student she looked like in the book and she points to this little girl:

What Avery thinks she looks like

I just had to laugh…and wonder when we should take her to the eye doctor.


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2 thoughts on “Just funny.

  1. Stacey on said:


  2. totally hiilarious. also, excellent use of the word “frumpy.” 🙂

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