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Monday Meals

It’s just me and the kiddos a couple of nights this week, so we’re keeping it simple.

Monday:  Grilled turkey and cheese

Tuesday:  Pizza

Wednesday:  Baked Chicken (carry-over from last week)

Thursday:  Vegetarian chili

Friday:  Birthday party for a friend

Hope you’re having a great Monday!


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3 thoughts on “Monday Meals

  1. what are you putting in your vegetarian chili??

  2. Stacey, stop trying to rob your husband of meat, a man needs his protein. 🙂

    Good stuff Jaym! Definitely need to do homemade pizza sometime.

    We are doing pork chops on the grill tonight before kissing 75-degree weather goodbye forever. Also this week, Troy’s World Famous Enchiladas (More than 1 served) :), BLTs and taking mom to a cooking class for her b-day present (squash gnocchi with butter, garlic and sage sauce is on the menu). This qualifies as an exotic week for us. 🙂

  3. jaymiewhite on said:

    Ooh…Would love your World Famous Enchiladas recipe! I have been wanting to do them, sometimes they seem like a lot of work though? Sounds like a fun cooking class!! I know Mom’s looking forward to it. I made E’s spaghetti sauce last week…it was good, but I wanted to ask her what spices she adds. I don’t think I put enough in, but wasn’t sure what would go well. Next week, I think I’ll do the Vodka Pasta.

    Stacey–I will send you the ingredients for the chili. I got it from my friend Dena. Tim even liked it, and you could add meat if you want:)

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