White noise from The White House

An Interview with Avery

What is your name?


How old are you?


No, how old are you?

1 finger.

Okay, we’ll work on that later.  What is your favorite food?


What’s is your favorite color?


What is your favorite book?

The first day of school…Emily’s book. (a recent library book)

Who’s your best best friend?

I don’t know…Matt and Tim (her cousins).

Why do you love Daddy?

He’s a jack-in-the box. (?????)

Who’s your favorite brother?


Do you love Micah?

(climbing on table…no comment….must have been a rough day.)

What is your favorite show?


What’s your favorite thing to play?

My animals (zoo).

What’s your favorite thing to do outside?


What is your favorite sport?


What else do you want to say?

We have cars.  That’s my favorite.  I’m stuck (in between the table and the chair).  I can’t do this (get out).

Who are your friends?

Boy.  (???????)  Brooklyn and Caitlin and Emma and Baby Carter and Caleb and Maddi and Maggie.  And boys. (seriously, I’m worried).

Avery: 2 years, 7 months

Micah: 8 months...possibly angry that all his bibs have hearts and pink on them.


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2 thoughts on “An Interview with Avery

  1. Avery is already interested in boys? Uh oh. Tim better start shining his gun.

  2. These interview transcripts are my favorite. 🙂

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