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Tonight, Avery asked Jaym to sit down on the floor and ride on the ‘schoolbus’. Jaym asked her “Where are are going?” Avery: “Preschool.” Jaymie: “What are we going to do when we get there?” Avery: “I’m going to tell the teacher that I have to go to the big girl potty.”

You think we’ve oversold this connection between Avery’s desire to go to preschool and the need for her to potty train?

She’s still sorting it out.


How do you lose family pictures?

I’m still sick about it. We had pictures taken last fall through a Groupon. It has been quite the experience in general…with numerous trips by Jaymie to the local town Springboro in phantom attempts to collect said photographs from a mailbox… We finally succeeded in getting them a few weeks back only to find out that the photo package wasn’t of the picture we selected. So the photographer reordered the new package and let us keep the old. Good deal.

I am paranoid about losing the 15,000+ images and hours of videos of our kids. Similarly, I’m also fearful of losing the hardcopy of the pictures – water, fire, earthquake, Micah’s mouth, etc. So I took the original package of pictures (the freebies) in to work to scan on my scanner – not to reproduce but to just duplicate for that just in case moment. Well, I lost them somehow. I don’t know if I threw them out at work…lost them on the way to the car…lost them at BW’s…brought them home – only to throw them out there…brought them home – only to have Jaymie through them out…

Such a bummer. Printing reprints – hopefully look the same.

Two for…Wednesday

Well, it was Tuesday just 26 minutes ago.

One of the things I’m digging lately is that Micah seems to be inching ever closer to being a relevant playmate for Avery. We’ve caught glimpses of this the last few days. Avery, who we all know has boundless energy and isn’t about to slow down for anyone…has been siting down with Micah whether to play with the ‘animals’ or blocks or any other toy. She’s always taken attention to him – “Hi Bubba!” and “Tickle tickle” but her play with him is different. I guess she’s treating him like a little brother rather than a baby that is either cute or inconvienient.


I hear your call my fans. The masses are clamoring and I am here to deliver.

In other words – I can’t sleep. Don’t know why. I probably could sleep if I tried but my mind is active and I know I will lay there for 30+ minutes trying to make out the time on our new wall-projecting alarm clock. If you haven’t noticed, I wear Coke bottle bottoms for glasses. I assumed when I bought that alarm clock that it would alleviate my need to put my glasses on to view the alarm clock that was 2.5 feet from my face. It has not. The numbers are 1.5 feet tall, half a foot wide. 12:47 looks like 8:39 and you get the drift.

Avery is so funny. Like the rest of the Johnson clan, she loves her bacon. I jokingly called her the baconator after one episode where she literally asked me ‘Dad, can I have some bacon?’ (I think I had made her bacon and pancakes for breakfast the previous day). Well…although she loves her some bacon…she has a pancake addiction… I told her this morning – “Avery, you’re a pancakeanotor” to which she replied…”Nooooo, I’m the baconator!” Love it.

We have been doing “dream feeds” with Micah. Since I”m the night owl – I try to take it. After feeding him – I usually go check on Avery only to find her in some odd bodily contortion, usually diagonal across her bed on top of the covers. No different last night. So I gently picked her up and moved her to parallel to the long axis of her bed with head on pillow. She happened to open her eyes and look at me in disbelief. I gave her a kiss on the forehead and said “I love you Avery, good night.” In the sweetest, most innocent voice she said “Too. Good night Daddy.” “Too” is her shorthand for “love you too…”

Contrast this to Jaymie. I bound down the steps all proud and happy. My angelic daughter just said the sweetest thing to me. Laying down in bed, typically Jaym will rustle and at times we’ll have a brief coherant conversation typically along the lines of:

“Did you feed Woody*?”

“Ya, fed him 7 oz. Man he had a wet diaper”

“You think he’ll sleep through the night.”

“Hope so. But I made another bottle – it’s up there for later.”


However sometimes Jaymie is not all that interested in talking.

This was the case last night…

Me: “Avery said the coolest thing to me”

Jaym: Grunt. Grimace. Sigh.

Me: “She said good night Daddy.”

Jaym: Nothing

Me: “You awake? You hear me?”

Jaym: Indiscernible noise that seemed to indicate “Yes”

* Woody: Micah’s new nickname. If he doesn’t have an aptitude for wood carving as an adult I’ll be shocked. The inside of his crib is his art. He’s trying to make his mark on the coffee tables, TV stand, rocking chair, and kitchen chairs if he can. Woody as in Woodchuck.


A few things…

A few things about what’s been happening lately:

1. We went on a {sniff, sniff, tear} preschool visit for Avery today.  The preschool was really nice, but it’s hard to believe it could possibly be that time.  Avery is clearly torn up by the prospect of time away from me.  When I told her we were going for a short visit, she said, “No, Mom, you can just drop me off and leave.”  I’m sure she’s going to be clinging to the apron strings come September.

2.  Micah is a woodchuck.  He is doing some fine woodworking on the crib rails in his room, evidenced by varnish-colored drool and small wood chips around his mouth each morning.  I can’t wait to see the finished product.

3.  We went to Chick-fil-a for lunch today.  Avery loves the playroom there.  We told her that she needed to eat some chicken before she was able to play.  She immediately stuffed 2 nuggets in her mouth, almost choked, spit them out, and ran happily off to the play room.  Micah’s disdain for babyhood continues.  He ate her remaining 4 nuggets and lit-ra-lee scoffed at any baby food offered to him.  Nice.

4.  Micah’s hatred for the church nursery now rivals Avery’s when she was his age.  I can usually hear him screaming as I’m approaching the nursery in the hallway.  My mind is completely boggled by the babies who don’t seem to mind being in there.  Do they not know where they are???  They’re surrounded by sweet, old women who love babies!!!  It’s awful!!!  Revolt, Babies!!!!

Just a few tidbits from recently:)

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