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A few things…

A few things about what’s been happening lately:

1. We went on a {sniff, sniff, tear} preschool visit for Avery today.  The preschool was really nice, but it’s hard to believe it could possibly be that time.  Avery is clearly torn up by the prospect of time away from me.  When I told her we were going for a short visit, she said, “No, Mom, you can just drop me off and leave.”  I’m sure she’s going to be clinging to the apron strings come September.

2.  Micah is a woodchuck.  He is doing some fine woodworking on the crib rails in his room, evidenced by varnish-colored drool and small wood chips around his mouth each morning.  I can’t wait to see the finished product.

3.  We went to Chick-fil-a for lunch today.  Avery loves the playroom there.  We told her that she needed to eat some chicken before she was able to play.  She immediately stuffed 2 nuggets in her mouth, almost choked, spit them out, and ran happily off to the play room.  Micah’s disdain for babyhood continues.  He ate her remaining 4 nuggets and lit-ra-lee scoffed at any baby food offered to him.  Nice.

4.  Micah’s hatred for the church nursery now rivals Avery’s when she was his age.  I can usually hear him screaming as I’m approaching the nursery in the hallway.  My mind is completely boggled by the babies who don’t seem to mind being in there.  Do they not know where they are???  They’re surrounded by sweet, old women who love babies!!!  It’s awful!!!  Revolt, Babies!!!!

Just a few tidbits from recently:)


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  1. You guys need to monetize this blog. It’s that good. 🙂

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