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How do you lose family pictures?

I’m still sick about it. We had pictures taken last fall through a Groupon. It has been quite the experience in general…with numerous trips by Jaymie to the local town Springboro in phantom attempts to collect said photographs from a mailbox… We finally succeeded in getting them a few weeks back only to find out that the photo package wasn’t of the picture we selected. So the photographer reordered the new package and let us keep the old. Good deal.

I am paranoid about losing the 15,000+ images and hours of videos of our kids. Similarly, I’m also fearful of losing the hardcopy of the pictures – water, fire, earthquake, Micah’s mouth, etc. So I took the original package of pictures (the freebies) in to work to scan on my scanner – not to reproduce but to just duplicate for that just in case moment. Well, I lost them somehow. I don’t know if I threw them out at work…lost them on the way to the car…lost them at BW’s…brought them home – only to throw them out there…brought them home – only to have Jaymie through them out…

Such a bummer. Printing reprints – hopefully look the same.


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One thought on “How do you lose family pictures?

  1. Want more Bloganator! Good stuff.

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