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Monday Meals…on Sunday…Big T Style

Tonight: burgers
Monday: Fajita chicken salad
Tuesday: steak
Wednesday: pulled pork sandwiches
Thursday: brat patties

No recipes needed.


Dear Troy and Stacey

If you still are coming here to read what meals we’ve been eating…fear not…we have not been starving. The blog was on hiatus as we cheated winter. Thought I’d share a few Averyisms:

While reading the Very Hungry caterpillar with Mom:
(Jaym reads a few pages about how much the caterpillar ate)
Avery: “the caterpillar goes (burp noise). Then he says cuse me.

At night or other times of procrastination:
Avery: Mom, me, Rudolph and the elves are scared of the yeti and Gingerbread man.

Avery after coming down for second time: Dad, where’s my unicorn?

Monday Meals

After a fun long weekend in Iowa, we’re back at it in snowy Ohio.  Never fear, it’s supposed to be almost 60* by tomorrow.  This has been my kind of winter.  Troy, here are some pinteresting food ideas for you:)

Monday: Skinny Doritos Taco Bake: http://www.mamalaughlin.com/2012/02/skinny-doritos-taco-bake.html

Tuesday: Easy Garlic Chicken: http://www.food.com/recipe/easy-garlic-chicken-5478

Wednesday: Grilled Cheese and soup

Thursday: Chili

Friday: Winging it

Happy Monday!

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