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Good Aim

To my avid readers

Milk carton: Jaymie from the blog. Luckily I am here.

So the other night we thought we had food poisoning due to stealing frosted Easter cookies from the kids. The family that gave them to us was convinced they were bad and the cause of the bug that rolled through their house. Jaym and I had it on Monday. Micah pulled up lame on Tuesday night. It wasn’t food poisoning.

Now for specifics: he vomited at 1:00 AM. Jaym had calmed him by 2:30 or so. And laid him down. He got up again and came to the rescue due to an elbow in the side and an admonishment that ” he goes down easier for you”. So I’m up there and go through the fall asleep in my arms, lay down, he wakes up and screams at me to pick him up, pick him up, rock him back to sleep routine five times. Finally, he doesn’t calm back down after picking him up. It seemed like something was up with him but I didn’t know what. So Jaym comes in. Like many husbands, I know that simply turning the baby around to face Mom followed by the question ” what do you think is wrong with him?” usually is the first step to figuring out. Micah immediately filled in the blank by vomiting on Jaym for the second time in the night.

Good aim I guess. Jaym was not pleased.


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