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Proud Papa…It’s Been Awhile

We have cute kids. Doesn’t every parent? I feel constant guilt about the lack of dissemination of pictures/videos/etc. Heck, I can’t even keep up with it myself. Our kids lives will be well-documented. They will have no trouble finding fodder for their wedding slideshow(s).

So here are some pictures:









I hear your call my fans. The masses are clamoring and I am here to deliver.

In other words – I can’t sleep. Don’t know why. I probably could sleep if I tried but my mind is active and I know I will lay there for 30+ minutes trying to make out the time on our new wall-projecting alarm clock. If you haven’t noticed, I wear Coke bottle bottoms for glasses. I assumed when I bought that alarm clock that it would alleviate my need to put my glasses on to view the alarm clock that was 2.5 feet from my face. It has not. The numbers are 1.5 feet tall, half a foot wide. 12:47 looks like 8:39 and you get the drift.

Avery is so funny. Like the rest of the Johnson clan, she loves her bacon. I jokingly called her the baconator after one episode where she literally asked me ‘Dad, can I have some bacon?’ (I think I had made her bacon and pancakes for breakfast the previous day). Well…although she loves her some bacon…she has a pancake addiction… I told her this morning – “Avery, you’re a pancakeanotor” to which she replied…”Nooooo, I’m the baconator!” Love it.

We have been doing “dream feeds” with Micah. Since I”m the night owl – I try to take it. After feeding him – I usually go check on Avery only to find her in some odd bodily contortion, usually diagonal across her bed on top of the covers. No different last night. So I gently picked her up and moved her to parallel to the long axis of her bed with head on pillow. She happened to open her eyes and look at me in disbelief. I gave her a kiss on the forehead and said “I love you Avery, good night.” In the sweetest, most innocent voice she said “Too. Good night Daddy.” “Too” is her shorthand for “love you too…”

Contrast this to Jaymie. I bound down the steps all proud and happy. My angelic daughter just said the sweetest thing to me. Laying down in bed, typically Jaym will rustle and at times we’ll have a brief coherant conversation typically along the lines of:

“Did you feed Woody*?”

“Ya, fed him 7 oz. Man he had a wet diaper”

“You think he’ll sleep through the night.”

“Hope so. But I made another bottle – it’s up there for later.”


However sometimes Jaymie is not all that interested in talking.

This was the case last night…

Me: “Avery said the coolest thing to me”

Jaym: Grunt. Grimace. Sigh.

Me: “She said good night Daddy.”

Jaym: Nothing

Me: “You awake? You hear me?”

Jaym: Indiscernible noise that seemed to indicate “Yes”

* Woody: Micah’s new nickname. If he doesn’t have an aptitude for wood carving as an adult I’ll be shocked. The inside of his crib is his art. He’s trying to make his mark on the coffee tables, TV stand, rocking chair, and kitchen chairs if he can. Woody as in Woodchuck.


A few things…

A few things about what’s been happening lately:

1. We went on a {sniff, sniff, tear} preschool visit for Avery today.  The preschool was really nice, but it’s hard to believe it could possibly be that time.  Avery is clearly torn up by the prospect of time away from me.  When I told her we were going for a short visit, she said, “No, Mom, you can just drop me off and leave.”  I’m sure she’s going to be clinging to the apron strings come September.

2.  Micah is a woodchuck.  He is doing some fine woodworking on the crib rails in his room, evidenced by varnish-colored drool and small wood chips around his mouth each morning.  I can’t wait to see the finished product.

3.  We went to Chick-fil-a for lunch today.  Avery loves the playroom there.  We told her that she needed to eat some chicken before she was able to play.  She immediately stuffed 2 nuggets in her mouth, almost choked, spit them out, and ran happily off to the play room.  Micah’s disdain for babyhood continues.  He ate her remaining 4 nuggets and lit-ra-lee scoffed at any baby food offered to him.  Nice.

4.  Micah’s hatred for the church nursery now rivals Avery’s when she was his age.  I can usually hear him screaming as I’m approaching the nursery in the hallway.  My mind is completely boggled by the babies who don’t seem to mind being in there.  Do they not know where they are???  They’re surrounded by sweet, old women who love babies!!!  It’s awful!!!  Revolt, Babies!!!!

Just a few tidbits from recently:)

An Interview with Avery

What is your name?


How old are you?


No, how old are you?

1 finger.

Okay, we’ll work on that later.  What is your favorite food?


What’s is your favorite color?


What is your favorite book?

The first day of school…Emily’s book. (a recent library book)

Who’s your best best friend?

I don’t know…Matt and Tim (her cousins).

Why do you love Daddy?

He’s a jack-in-the box. (?????)

Who’s your favorite brother?


Do you love Micah?

(climbing on table…no comment….must have been a rough day.)

What is your favorite show?


What’s your favorite thing to play?

My animals (zoo).

What’s your favorite thing to do outside?


What is your favorite sport?


What else do you want to say?

We have cars.  That’s my favorite.  I’m stuck (in between the table and the chair).  I can’t do this (get out).

Who are your friends?

Boy.  (???????)  Brooklyn and Caitlin and Emma and Baby Carter and Caleb and Maddi and Maggie.  And boys. (seriously, I’m worried).

Avery: 2 years, 7 months

Micah: 8 months...possibly angry that all his bibs have hearts and pink on them.

A week (or two) in pictures

Addisyn's 1st Birthday Costume Party (she's the ladybug)



Baby MJ


Avery with some of her loot



Trick or Treat!



Smiles at the park



Little "butterfly"




um….Wednesday Meals? and other random thoughts

Obviously, I didn’t get around to Monday Meals this week.  It’s been a busy week and it’s only Wednesday!  Thankfully, due to Vets Day, tomorrow is my Friday:)  Tim is off on Friday.

Here is/was our meal plan for the week:

Monday:  Crock Pot Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup…it was yummy!

Tuesday:  Didn’t make it to the store, so we had leftover soup.  It was still very delish.

Wednesday:  French bread pizza

Thursday:  Goulash….fancy word for throw pasta and random stuff in a pot and call it good.

Friday:  ???  Still not sure, but since Tim is home, I will have time to whip something up.

This week has been crazy for some reason…maybe it’s that I’m still trying to figure out how my little fella is 6 MONTHS OLD tomorrow!!!  I love that little squooshy tooshy more than I can express.  I can’t believe he’s half way to ONE.  Don’t get me started…the waterworks will abound.  Or maybe it’s because Avery went to gymnastics class today…it was more like an open gym, but whatevs.  She’s 2.5 and I don’t know where 2.5 years have gone.  She had a great time jumping on the trampoline and into the blocks and monster trucking older kids half her size.  Or maybe it’s because my windshield wiper fell off  during my drive to the gym.  Or maybe it’s because I broke my toe while at the gym .  Or maybe it’s because when I went to get the windshield wiper repaired at Wal-Mart (they just put the new ones on 2 weeks ago), and tried to get the back one replaced also, that they didn’t call me over the PA system and I was waiting around with a crying almost-6-month-old and antsy 2 year old, only to find out that they don’t carry our particular windshield wiper but forgot to page me!  🙂  Oh, Wal-Mart, how I loathe your Tire and Lube Department.  #firstworldproblems:)  Or maybe it’s because we’re just having a lot of fun.

I will leave you with a funny cheesy picture of my two favorite munchkins.  Although Micah can’t talk, he is clearly saying, “CHEESE!!”


Fun on a Friday

Last night we treated ou’self with a little taste of heaven called Chik Fil A. We loaded up in our bad animal mini van and made our way there. Not abnormal for us…but we went a little wild and decided to go inside and sit down for our mmm mmm delicious meal.

A bit tongue and cheek here…life has changed a bit…and when Jaym and I decided we all needed to get out of the house…and we’d treat ourselves to a sit down meal at CFA…we looked at each other and realized we live a fun yet lame life.

Cookies and Classics

Last week, Avery and I set out to make my Grandma Mary’s chocolate chip cookies.  These cookies are seriously addicting….maybe its the Crisco.  No, seriously.  These have Crisco in them, which apparently makes them awesome.  I wouldn’t advise you to go on a diet of only these.  It won’t end well.

"I wanna do it myself, Mama"

She was an excellent helper, actually.  Helping me dump the ingredients (mostly) into the bowl.  She also insisted on stirring the dough.  And, what’s cookie making without a little taste test?

"Mmm Mmmm Mmmmm De-yicious!"

And, finally, I will leave you with some Classic Avery and Micah pictures:


Avery "smiling". We're thinking Toddlers and Tiaras is in her future.

Micah, birth-3 months:

"I hate my life, but I won't tell you why" hahaha.

Micah, 3 months and beyond:

"I love being me."

Rice Cereal: Before and After

First go at rice cereal….





I almost lost my child at Target.

And no, it’s not the child you are thinking it is. 

The scene:  Target parking lot, after buying a few essential items…and yes, a pumpkin spice candle is something I consider essential for the fall…thankyouverymuch.  🙂

So there I was, getting ready to put my purchases in the back of the Ody (as in Odyssey…as a sidenote, check this out: www.odyclub.com  ).  And because I’m such a clever mom, I developed a system for getting the kids into the car in the most efficient way.  First, I put the groceries/bags in the back of the Ody.  Then I open the door to where Micah’s seat is and ask Avery very cleverly, “Do you want to climb in yourself, or do you want some help?” to which I know the answer will be “I wanna do it myself.”  See, I’m so clever that I can trick my two-year-old…another win for the parents.  This allows me to put her in on Micah’s side so she will walk over and climb into her own carseat while I put Micah in his carseat.  She’s trapped in the car and usually it works very well. 

Today, however, as I was helping Avery climb into the Ody, what do I see out the still open back door?  Micah rolling away in the cart.  The wind, which apparently was a lot stronger than I noticed, took him on a short spin down the parking lot.  Thankfully, a lady walking by ran over to stop the cart right before I got there.

Maybe I’m not as clever as I thought;)



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